Skinny Bits 5.11.13

This week in the world of SBG:

Last Friday while out and about after seeing Iron Man 3 (I went at 10:45 am. Yes, the thirst was real and yes, the movie was dope), I wandered into Marshalls to do some window shopping and learned that lo and behold, my body has curved out and aged into women’s wear. I tried on a size 2 coral wrap dress from Ralph Lauren’s Lauren line and it hugged my boobs and hips like a dream. It took every shred of restraint in my soul not to walk out of the store with that dress, but I left with something just as satisfying: happiness that I’m no longer shaped like a wiry teenager. 
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Skinny Bits 11.29.12

“I want to be nurturing when I want to be. But then I want to be left the hell alone.” – As spoken from one of my co-workers, a 50+ year old Libra woman who has been married for I believe about thirty years.

Apparently, the dilemma presented in Little Brother’s “Slow It Down” carries over into mature married life. I can’t front like hearing that wasn’t comforting. You know, in the event there‘s a #MrCommonLawSBG in my future.

I promise this is completely unrelated to the two aforementioned thoughts, but you know what’s dope? When a person with whom you share engaging conversation and nakedness says “I think you‘re amazing.”

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