Skinny Bits 5.17.13

Lesson I’m learning: when my mind feels like it’s swirling out of control, I need to take a moment and stop. The swirling means I’m over stimulated. The answer isn’t more stimulus via music or some other distraction in my phone. The answer is to just stop everything.

I downloaded Eve’s new album Liplock and I love it. I didn’t expect to like anything so poppish and Euro-influenced, but I vibe to it. Even the first single “She Bad Bad”–which I thought was awful at first–grew on me. This isn’t a review or recommendation, by the way. I have long retired from debating and explaining my likes, so I won’t be responsible for you giving the album a listen.

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In Retrospect: My Miami Heat 2010-2011

So it’s over.

The controversial, drama-filled 2010-2011 basketball season has come to an end. An end many believe to the be the “right” kind, where the underdog good guy crushed the villainous Goliath. I, a Miami Heat fan from the years before they became the NBA’s Three Headed Monster, am left with one question: Now what?
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