Skinny Bits 5.17.13

Lesson I’m learning: when my mind feels like it’s swirling out of control, I need to take a moment and stop. The swirling means I’m over stimulated. The answer isn’t more stimulus via music or some other distraction in my phone. The answer is to just stop everything.

I downloaded Eve’s new album Liplock and I love it. I didn’t expect to like anything so poppish and Euro-influenced, but I vibe to it. Even the first single “She Bad Bad”–which I thought was awful at first–grew on me. This isn’t a review or recommendation, by the way. I have long retired from debating and explaining my likes, so I won’t be responsible for you giving the album a listen.

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Skinny Bits 1.11.2011

Some random things on my mind this morning:

After watching the Colts and Eagles get booted from the NFL playoffs over the weekend, I’ve lost all interest in the upcoming Super Bowl. There are no Mannings, no Vick and it’s looking like Tom Brady will make an appearance. Hmm yeah. Nothing I want to see there. Booo. Wake me up when the Colts Preseason starts.

The Heat are the #1 team in the NBA’s Eastern Conference. I told myself that in 2011, I’d let my love for Dwyane Wade override my distaste for #6 (We don’t say that boy’s name around these parts) so I could once again love my favorite basketball team. I’m getting there, slowly but surely. Think I can get a T-shirt made that says “GO HEAT” on the front and “but fcuk #6″ on the back?

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