Skinny Bits – 7.25.14

First things first: Life is better.

The Sun and Jupiter (the planet associated with making one’s own luck) are hanging out in my rising sign, Leo (also, my First House, the house of self-expression). Having spent most of the summer navigating my murky depths, I’m welcoming this time to stand in the sun and uncover the opportunities beneath my current challenges. It’s a good time to let myself be, and I’ve already reaped some delicious benefits from letting it all hang out. Viva la Leo Season.

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Into the Darkness

“Some women are lost in the fire. Some women are built from it.”

Like everyone who watches the HBO hit show Game of Thrones, I’m completely in love with the Khalessi character. Former naïve virgin who evolves into a powerful queen, leader of a large and fiercely loyal army, and a mother of dragons, she’s an all-around badass.

One of my favorite Khaleesi scenes is when she has to burn the body of her recently deceased warrior king husband. During the funeral ritual, she bravely walks into the fire, carrying three dragon eggs that were gifted to her on her wedding day. Her advisors and followers are all terrified, thinking that after losing her husband and birthing a stillborn baby, she’s about to commit suicide.

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