Not for Sale

Since I’ve become deeply interested in astrology, I haven’t had use for personality tests. Between my birth and progressed charts, as well as reading I’ve done on goddess archetypes, I’m as classified and labeled as I’d like to be. At the request of my employer, however, I recently took the Birkman personality test, which is phasing out the Meyers-Briggs as employers’ favorite nifty tool for understanding their employees.

I read up on the test and expected to score as a Yellow. Yellows “like job responsibilities that include organizing and systematizing, and professions that are detail-oriented, predictable, and objective.” Given my proclivity for administrative and support roles, I figured Yellow was a slam dunk.

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A Requiem for Year 30

Remember when I turned 30 last year? When I waxed poetic about the lessons I’d learned in my 20s and how I looked forward to life with more confidence, (and thanks to my new gig) more money, and more adventure?

Do you want to know what 30 had to say that?

That’s not how it works. That’s not how any of this works.

Do you know what 30 was?

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Skinny Bits 8.29.14

I took advantage of the task-oriented energy that came with the New Moon in Virgo earlier this week and made some updates on the blog. Ta da!! Since I’ve directed this space toward being a journal/memoir, this layout felt perfect. I’ve also got a running list of writing prompts so I can stick with my new intention of posting here twice a week. It’s part of my Beginner’s Mind Zen practice: investing more energy in my creative endeavors, an area of my life I’ve neglected for awhile now.

The biggest reason I’m drawn to astrology: it helps me order my steps. (I plan to elaborate on this in a blog post at some point)

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