TMI Tuesday: July 7, 2015

1. Do you believe in ESP (extrasensory perception)? Do you have those abilities?
I have a hard time with intuition. When people say they “just know” things, I wonder “how?” The best anyone can do is guess, but since there’s always a chance premonitions are wrong, I don’t completely trust them. I don’t do well believing what I can’t see.

When I “have a feeling” about something, I wait for events to confirm it. Being anxiety-prone, I don’t trust much of what happens between my ears.

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Grit & Grace

Grit grace#

Grit: noun
courage and resolve; strength of character.

Grace: noun
simple elegance or refinement of movement.

I don’t know if you guys know this, but I’m a fan of dichotomy. I love integrating extremes, searching for perfect combinations of yin and yang.

I’ve spent the last few years on this blog (and thus, in my life) reconciling my views on femininity. The terms “grit” and “grace” have been recurring themes:  Continue reading

TMI Tuesday: Gossip Folks

This week’s TMI Tuesday is all about gossip. As the President and Founder of the Mind Your Damn Business No Matter What the Internet Says Club, I struggled with posting, but here goes.

1. Are you privy to a secret about a famous person? Do you read gossip about famous people in magazines or online?

I’m not privy to the personal business of famous people. (Does this mean I’m “regular”?) I don’t seek out gossip about famous people online or in magazines. In fact, I find the cultural obsession with the private lives of strangers voyeuristic and unhealthy. People need hobbies.

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