Let the Road be Rocky

Below is a free write from a particularly judgey morning last month…

I just had one of the worst morning yoga sessions I’ve had in awhile. I am sweaty and frustrated. My Inner Critic was loud and accounted for, reminding me through every pose how awfully out of shape I am and that at my age, I should be ashamed. I’m thirty-one years old. Keeping my knees bent for thirty seconds should not feel like Chinese torture and yet, there I was, my entire body screaming “Why are you doing this to me? Can we please just stop?!” From what I’ve read about yoga, its purpose is mind-body union. The only things my mind and body could unite on this morning were “Ouch!” and “Gotdammit!”

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Skinny Bits 1.23.15

An 109 year-old Scottish woman said one of the keys to her long life was staying away from men completely (also listed: regular exercise and a daily bowl of porridge). I’ve had similar conversations with my mother and when I asked about her “needs,” she replied “I’ve had more than enough of THAT. I just want somebody to pay these bills. Other than that, I don’t want to be bothered.”

I don’t even want to know how much sex one has to have before they’ve decided “That’s enough.” Good news is, I’ll have my mama around for at least another 35-40 years.
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Skinny Bits 1.16.15

A couple of days ago, I hopped in a time machine and revisited blog posts from 2012. I was one writing ass blogger during that summer (thanks to a #30in30 blogging challenge I joined in August). It made me nostalgic for the days when I wrote consistently and so I have stumbled into my first resolution for 2015: to get back to weekly posting. What better way to get my hands moving than an edition of Skinny Bits.

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