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My age group (Late Gen Xers/Early Gen Yers) witnessed the dawn of the participation trophy. I didn’t participate in much competition, because I was far “too sensitive” for it. (Since then, I’ve learned that the way my ego is set up, if I can’t annihilate competition, I am driven to madness. It’s best I sit most games out and provide color commentary and analysis). But on the rare occasion that I did compete, I didn’t understand receiving a prize just for showing up. It didn’t make me feel better about losing, because I could still see the winner carrying their massive “Haha, I beat you” trophy and be reminded that I’d failed. I would have preferred going home empty-handed, with the lesson “you win some, you lose some” than with a gold-plated pat on the head for trying.

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Skinny Bits – 7.25.14

First things first: Life is better.

The Sun and Jupiter (the planet associated with making one’s own luck) are hanging out in my rising sign, Leo (also, my First House, the house of self-expression). Having spent most of the summer navigating my murky depths, I’m welcoming this time to stand in the sun and uncover the opportunities beneath my current challenges. It’s a good time to let myself be, and I’ve already reaped some delicious benefits from letting it all hang out. Viva la Leo Season.

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