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For Colored Girls Driven Crazy by Their Attempts to Stay Sane

Talking about darkness and intensity is easy.

I can come here and intellectualize my difficulties, long after they’ve ended. I can make beauty out of rage, anxiety, lust, and compulsion. When I write about it, I’m the observer; detached from the chaos. I’m the reporter.

Who I’m not is the person who cries herself to sleep because the thought of facing the day ahead terrifies me. I’m not the person who spends hours talking myself down from the cliffs created in my head. I’m not the girl desperately hiding her phone to turn off frantic analysis of text messages and Instagram posts. Writing the words, staring at my computer screen keeps me from venturing into the dirty kitchen I’m two to three weeks behind on cleaning. With my fingers on the keyboard, I am in control.

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Five Random Confessions

One. I’m one of those annoyingly picky eaters. Between the food I’m allergic to and the stuff that grosses me out, I don’t eat the following:

  • Fruit (tomatoes included) – the texture grosses me out. I don’t like squishy or mushy things in my mouth.
  • Beans or peas
  • Greens – my grandmother cooked them too often when I was young and I legitimately cannot taste them anymore.
  • Celery
  • Carrots
  • Yams/sweet potatoes
  • Spicy food – food isn’t supposed to hurt, yo
  • Unless you want to see me swell up like Hitch, keep your walnuts, almonds, peanuts, or anything cooked in sesame.

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