On Playing in the Grey

Following yesterday’s post, my friend [SBG] and I talked about the vast space that exists between nothing and everything; the place you’re in where you like someone or hold them in some kind of esteem but it’s not the thing. The older we get as women, the more aware we are [of] this space. The more able we are to say to ourselves that ‘this ain’t it’ and the more we are able to find nuance and language to talk about the ways we feel and what it might be instead.

– Maya Francis, Things of That Nature | Margins for Errors

Thanks to two dope blog posts and a woman-to-woman G-chat exchange with my Sister-in-Pen, Maya, I’ve spent the last few days examining my needs as a single woman who enjoys male companionship. Continue reading

Into the Darkness II

I’m leaping into the unknown.

This isn’t my modus operandi. I stew, waiting for the Universe to throw me into chaos, forcing me to change by obliterating the familiar. Sure, my internal raging likely attracted the drama needed to burn away the waste, but I was comfortable being a person to whom life happened. Working with what eventually came to pass was my comfort zone. Possibility was paralyzing. Continue reading

Not for Sale

Since I’ve become deeply interested in astrology, I haven’t had use for personality tests. Between my birth and progressed charts, as well as reading I’ve done on goddess archetypes, I’m as classified and labeled as I’d like to be. At the request of my employer, however, I recently took the Birkman personality test, which is phasing out the Meyers-Briggs as employers’ favorite nifty tool for understanding their employees.

I read up on the test and expected to score as a Yellow. Yellows “like job responsibilities that include organizing and systematizing, and professions that are detail-oriented, predictable, and objective.” Given my proclivity for administrative and support roles, I figured Yellow was a slam dunk.

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