Skinny Bits: A Morning without Twitter

I woke up to Twitter and Instagram timelines full of #GoldenGrahams (you call him Drake) quotes, so it’s a good morning for a social media break. Astrologically, I’m in a prime space for silence and reflection (Venus is retrograding over my natal Venus and the Sun is hanging out in my 12th house). My irritation with social media discussions is an opportunity to heed the stars.

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TMI Tuesday: Gossip Folks

This week’s TMI Tuesday is all about gossip. As the President and Founder of the Mind Your Damn Business No Matter What the Internet Says Club, I struggled with posting, but here goes.

1. Are you privy to a secret about a famous person? Do you read gossip about famous people in magazines or online?

I’m not privy to the personal business of famous people. (Does this mean I’m “regular”?) I don’t seek out gossip about famous people online or in magazines. In fact, I find the cultural obsession with the private lives of strangers voyeuristic and unhealthy. People need hobbies.

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