Skinny Bits 4.30.15

I struggled with posting this week because I don’t like anything I’ve written since…hell, I don’t remember the last time I liked anything I posted here. However, you only strengthen a muscle by using it, so here I am: typing and hoping this second bottle of Woodchuck Hard Cider will ease my self-loathing long enough for me to get words on the page.

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Skinny Bits: 4.9.15

Kicking this week’s Skinny Bits off with a series of brief album reviews:

I tried to temper my excitement about Wale’s The Album About Nothing (#TAAN) when he first announced the project, but I was excited to hear the final result. After living with the album for a week, I love it; more than I’ve loved anything of his in three years. It doesn’t completely call back to his mixtape days, but #TAAN builds a bridge between Mixtape Wale and New Wale. Stand out tracks for me are The Intro About Nothing, The Need to Know (I’m a sucker for a good early 00s sample, especially when it’s a Friends With Benefits anthem), The Success, and The Glass Egg.

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Skinny Bits: 3.7.15

I didn’t post last week. Why, you ask? Well, I was fulfilling a lifelong dream of vacationing in New Orleans. The city met and surpassed my expectations. The food was savory. The drinks were strong. The men were charming (shout out to the waiter who not only got a tip but my number on his receipt). The music filled the streets, soundtracking the city’s laissez faire, hedonistic culture.

Beyond that, I don’t want to intellectualize the experience too much. New Orleans is a “what happens there, stays there” city, along with Miami and Vegas. Continue reading