Skinny Bits: 4.9.15

Kicking this week’s Skinny Bits off with a series of brief album reviews:

I tried to temper my excitement about Wale’s The Album About Nothing (#TAAN) when he first announced the project, but I was excited to hear the final result. After living with the album for a week, I love it; more than I’ve loved anything of his in three years. It doesn’t completely call back to his mixtape days, but #TAAN builds a bridge between Mixtape Wale and New Wale. Stand out tracks for me are The Intro About Nothing, The Need to Know (I’m a sucker for a good early 00s sample, especially when it’s a Friends With Benefits anthem), The Success, and The Glass Egg.

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Skinny Bits: 3.7.15

I didn’t post last week. Why, you ask? Well, I was fulfilling a lifelong dream of vacationing in New Orleans. The city met and surpassed my¬†expectations. The food was savory. The drinks were strong. The men were charming (shout out to the waiter who not only got a tip but my number on his receipt). The music filled the streets, soundtracking the city’s laissez faire, hedonistic culture.

Beyond that, I don’t want to intellectualize the experience too much. New Orleans is a “what happens there, stays there” city, along with Miami and Vegas. Continue reading

Skinny Bits 1.23.15

An 109 year-old Scottish woman said one of the keys to her long life was staying away from men completely (also listed: regular exercise and a daily bowl of porridge). I’ve had similar conversations with my mother and when I asked about her “needs,” she replied “I’ve had more than enough of THAT. I just want somebody to pay these bills. Other than that, I don’t want to be bothered.”

I don’t even want to know how much sex one has to have before they’ve decided “That’s enough.” Good news is, I’ll have my mama around for at least another 35-40 years.
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