Where I’m At

The thing that I strive for lately is being in the moment.
Think about how that sounds: I’m trying to get to a place, where I’m in the moment. Contradictory, right? It is. But that doesn’t make it any less true.
Evaluating the past to find hints for the future is such an oft-preached practice, no wonder it’s hard to sometimes take a deep breath and look around at where I am. There is pressure to be my “authentic self.” Pressure to “stand out” (which has become so commonplace that “different” is the new breeding ground of conformity). Pressure to have it all and do it all and cram it all into a neat, brand-ready, 11-second elevator speech. Or a 500 word blog post, for that matter.
My aha moment finds me in a place where I wish to enjoy life as it stands around me, without having to convince myself it’s worth enjoying. Where I can smile at things as they are without nitpicking to no end about what they aren’t. But also, where I can be honest about what I still consider to be the ugly parts and accept them as they are, without chaining myself to them forever.
I want to remember that a work in progress is still a work of art.

I want to be where I’m at.