Sitting With Saturn (An Astrology Post)

It’s hard not to start astrology-related posts with disclaimers, because I get it. There are a lot of folks who think astrology is bullshit, and if my only references were Sun Sign descriptions and vague daily horoscopes, I’d raise a brow as well. But the thing is–there’s more to it.

I’m not here to make you a believer, though. As usual, I’m here to tell you a story about my life and this particular tale happens to be heavily-influenced by the stars.

Three years ago, when I first had my natal chart done, I learned that my Moon is in Scorpio. What the hell does that mean, you ask? Well, while your Sun sign represents your “doing” and self-expression, the Moon sign reveals your emotional life and how you handle things internally. To be honest, I was upset to know that my emotional life was ruled by such an intense, brooding sign like Scorpio, but of course it made perfect sense. I have to go through several layers of feels privately before I can present the calm and collected version of SBG that most folks meet. This discovery also explained why I’m not the typical “sunshine and rainbows” variety of my Sun sign, Libra. I’m far less romantic, less into partnership, and less idealistic than the common Libra. (Side note: here is the best descriptor of a Libra Sun/Scorpio Moon combination. It’s my personality in a nutshell.)

In a recent Twitter conversation where I asked if something screwy was going on with the moon (my Scorpion personality traits have been pushing to the forefront these days), I was told that the planet Saturn is currently residing in Scorpio and I should check out what that meant for both my sun and my moon. So I did some reading and this is the gist of what I discovered on

Saturn transits teach us to take responsibility for ourselves. At the outset of a Saturn transit, we might feel like the world is a cold place. If we are mature, we will at some point come to the realization that we cannot always pass blame for the problems in our lives. We need to reach within and pull out our own inner strength — to rely on ourselves.

This article goes on to detail how Saturn transits slow life down and force us to live in the present. We will go through periods of things breaking down and having to do without. It explicitly stated that this is a time to take stock of ourselves and begin to build the foundation for our futures.

Basically, if you’ve been living on an impulsive high, Saturn rolls through and insists you have several seats. Fitting for me, since I’m in the home stretch of my 20s and looking the next phase of adulthood square in the eye. I have a clear vision for my 30s: cultivating a simple, but inviting domestic space; advancing to a Level II Administrative Assistant (and eventually, an Executive Assistant); frequent travel; an active and sexy dating life. But I know the space between here and there requires more focus than I’m used to applying to anything.

Interestingly enough, this Saturn transit occurs at a time when I’m already interested in zen principles, simple living, and mindfulness. Reading about the Saturn transit was a sign of Life coming together to give me exactly what I need. Does that make cooking when I feel like ordering out or staying in when I’d rather be out drinking easier? Eh. Not a whole lot. But knowing this is what my life is supposed to be right now makes me less apt to fight it. There are lessons to be learned in this space.

So I may as well just sit here with Saturn for awhile. Apparently, he has some things he’d like me to know.