Thoughts from South Florida


I’ve spent the last four days on a girls’ trip in Fort Lauderdale. When people imagine three single women roaming these beaches, it’s easy to see body shots, trysts inspired by potent drinks and seductive winds, and pictures featuring skimpy swimwear clinging to wet skin. I’ll leave all that to your imagination. Besides what happens here stays here.

What surprised me about my trip was the amount of reflecting I’ve been able to do. I never thought four days on the beach could lead to so many revelations.  Here are some of the things I’ve learned about myself:

I value experiences over everything. I love to walk through life seeing and feeling the wonder of things with no endpoint in mind. I live to live, not necessarily to accomplish.

Because of that, I value time more than money. Money comes and goes. It’s not always guaranteed but I can always make what I lose eventually. Once time is gone, it’s gone.

I’m at the age where I need liquor to stay on my feet and dance all night. And that’s okay. Just keep the tequila flowing.

I may have more extrovert tendencies than I thought.

I’m getting better at accepting the fluidity of life. The only certainty in life is uncertainty. And that truth puts me at ease.

Because I had a mother who didn’t always know how to soothe my emotional wounds and mental dilemmas, I’ve developed a confidence in my ability to figure things out. I never know when or how it’ll come but I trust the answer to present itself in due time.

And if I fuck up and find myself in a pickle, I’ll figure it out.