In the last two weeks, I’ve seen one close friend walk down the aisle and two friends get engaged (the fabulous JG–whose proposal is now a viral sensation–and my BFF Tisha).

Of course, people note that the marriage bug is circling me and it’s hard not to notice. Even the infamous Dave* has recently expressed a desire to settle down.

I’m overjoyed for all of my friends taking that step into forever with their boo thangs. But do they make me want to join their ranks? Eh.

More than anything, seeing my friends reach this goal reminds me of my own goals. My fairy tale, remixed, as shown above. After all, what kind of single girlfriend am I if I don’t have juicy stories for my married friends to live vicariously through?

  • Muze

    LOL at that story. loves it.

    seems marriage is indeed in the air these days. i know of 3 couples that have gotten engaged in the last couple of months, and one who is proposing soon. i think it’s sweet.

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