Skinny Bits 1.11.2011

Some random things on my mind this morning:

After watching the Colts and Eagles get booted from the NFL playoffs over the weekend, I’ve lost all interest in the upcoming Super Bowl. There are no Mannings, no Vick and it’s looking like Tom Brady will make an appearance. Hmm yeah. Nothing I want to see there. Booo. Wake me up when the Colts Preseason starts.

The Heat are the #1 team in the NBA’s Eastern Conference. I told myself that in 2011, I’d let my love for Dwyane Wade override my distaste for #6 (We don’t say that boy’s name around these parts) so I could once again love my favorite basketball team. I’m getting there, slowly but surely. Think I can get a T-shirt made that says “GO HEAT” on the front and “but fcuk #6″ on the back?

I hate television. Wait. That’s a lie. I love good television (so much so that I’ve started a blog dedicated to my favorite shows). What I hate about television is that it perpetuates that bad boys and assholes are the only ones putting down good cutty. I came to this epiphany while watching Season One of AMC’s Breaking Bad, which follows a chemistry teacher who becomes a meth dealer after he’s diagnosed with cancer. He starts the show as this normal, nerdy guy. In fact, his wife gives him a hand job for his birthday while simultaneously surfing the web. But what do you know? As soon as he starts participating in illegal activity, he’s suddenly banging his wife’s brains out. My two favorite leading men are no better. Sons of Anarchy’s Jax Teller and Mad Men’s Don Draper are both gorgeous, morally ambiguous studs who lay great pipe. Either I need to find new shows to watch or television is trying to keep all women infatuated with bad boys.

Like all Americans, I sat in shock over the weekend watching footage of the shooting in Tuscon, Arizona. Like all Liberals with handheld internet access, I immediately blamed the violence on the temperament of the Tea Party. As more information is unveiled, we all see that we jumped to conclusions a little bit on that front. I think, however, that Jon Stewart made a great point in saying that even if the shooter wasn’t Tea Party affiliated, shouldn’t we be able to make clearer distinctions between lunacy and political discourse?

I’m over #teamblackberry. I want that Evo Shift. Like yesterday. Too bad I won’t be able to get it until it shows up on Ebay in my price range. Unless somebody out there has a Sprint hookup they’d like to share.

I rarely talk about my job here (and that’s on purpose), but I’m thinking about pitching a social media plan to my boss. I’ve been here since June and finally am at the point where completing my assigned tasks is a cakewalk. I think getting back into some PR work would be a nice entertaining little challenge for me. Guess this means I’ll have to see myself as a professional, rather than a girl who does admin to support her writing habit.

Speaking of which, I had an interesting chat with my sister in law when I was in Jersey. After spending two years away from corporate America to write and promote her novel, she’s recently gone back into the corporate world. While she still loves writing, she admits that she didn’t care for the hustle of a writing career. She preferred to “bear her fruit” in the corporate world and write for leisure or extra money. I often feel that way about writing too. She definitely gave me something to think about, which is why I guess I’m looking to put more energy and effort into my 9-5. At least for now.

Still gonna go hard for this MFA, though. And I’m still curious about the TV critic thing, so we’ll see.

The Game comes back tonight on BET. Annnd the negro internet will explode.

I bought new clothes for the first time in forever over the weekend. Forgot how good that felt. I’ll have to squeeze some clothes money out of my budget more often. I’m determined to spice up this wardrobe of mine.

Tomorrow is Mama SBG’s birthday. She doesn’t read this blog (hopefully, she doesn’t know it exists), but I’m going to give her a birthday shout anyway.

And that concludes this edition of Skinny Bits.