20Something and Dancing in the Rain

Two years ago when I heard Jay proclaim that 30 was the new 20, I remember thinking to myself, Does that make 20 the new 10? Here I currently stand, looking 25 square in the face and I have come to the conclusion that dude was probably right. 20 is the new 10, which would put me at precisely 15.  Given the confusion, anguish, and drama that can accompany the transition into adult life, looking at the 20something years as a repeat of adolescence seems right on target.  Often I feel just as lost in the proverbial sauce as I did when I was 15.  The difference is that this sauce seems a lot thicker and therefore far more difficult to navigate through.

I won’t totally discredit myself by saying that I know absolutely nothing about life.  I think as far as wisdom goes, I’m pretty much on target for a 24 year old.  A problem that I’ve had in the past, however, is judging myself too harshly when I make mistakes.  As if one wrong turn right now could royally screw up my entire future, so I’d better do the “right” thing.  Yeah, that’s a great way to eliminate anxiety, right? Lol.

Basically, I have come to the conclusion that in the grand scheme of things, I’m a baby who still has much to learn about life.   And you know what?  For now, that’s cool.  Because I also have the luxury of time.  I have time to figure myself out and develop a way of life that is going to work for me.  I have time to recover from mistakes.  I have time to see my goals accomplished and my dreams made a reality.  So I need to ease up on myself a little bit.  The truth is that I have come so far, and I should be proud of that.  But, I’ve still got so far to go.  Thank God I still have time to get there.

In the meantime and in between time, I can’t do anything but live this life one day at a time and learn how to make the most of whatever situation I may find myself in.  I read a quote once that said “Life is not about waiting out the storm.  It’s about learning how to dance in the rain.”  Excuse me while I load up my iPod with a soundtrack to keep me boogeying right on into my thirties.

  • http://www.karrieb.blogspot.com Karrie B.

    well, i’m new to my 20s…i turn 21 on wednesday, and i’m almost pretty sure that i’ve already set the tone for how the rest of my 20s are gonna turn out. lots of drinking, partying, over-obsessing, speaking my mind, and such. any of that ring a bell?


  • http://koffeedyme.com Trecia

    Welcome to WordPress… Alot more options….

    I feel the same way too.. I keep hearing how 40 is the new 30 so im like huh that means im 12 almost 13? lol.. but yeah I still feel like a child so why not…

  • http://ww.ariesrules.blogspot.com Keith

    Thanks for making me one of your brothers in blogging…I have long admired your comments on other peoples blogs and I will visit your blog more often and make you a link on mine too.

  • tomgurl

    Lemme go get on my welly boots and get ready to dance in the rain!!

    So if 15 is the new 25…that explains soooo much! lol!! I always knew there was a reason why I act like a kid so much!

    Sounds like you are you own worst critic…and that has good and bad points to it! Try not to criticise too much…each wrong turn will lead you back onto the right path..and you’ll have lesson learned for your troubles!

  • http://www.getalifecampaign.com/blogger.html Doctor Ty

    When I was in my late teens, early 20s, I definitely partied but I also took myself WAY too seriously.

    So around 21, 22, I decided to allow myself to regress from 21 to 22 — I was in medical school all day around my late 20-something/30-something classmates, so I would go home and hang out with my 18-19 year-old college neighbors playing dominoes and other shenanigans just to slow down my aging. :-)

    At any rate, I sped up again and was married with a kid by 24, a doctor by 26, and despite how much I was “grown” and “responsible” and “mature,” the fact still remains that life is a process and the transition of our 20s sucks. All of my 30-something friends have told me they love the security, self-awareness and PEACE that came with getting the heck out of their 20s.

    I’m almost there, but not yet. I’ll let you know what I think when I get there. But, I will say… there are days when I can’t believe I thought I knew everything at 22, 23, 24. I actually laugh at it. Yes, I was living alone thousands of miles away from everyone I knew. Yes, I have had jobs since I was 14. Yes, I had been financially independent for a LONG time. I had never been evicted. Then, I got married. I was a mom. I was an ADULT. Yea right.

    So the take home is… It’s not all about being responsible. It really is about learning who you are as a person. What makes you tick. What your weaknesses are and learning to function within them without defense mechanisms. And at the end, be able to present yourself to the world as, this is who I am… being genuine, being true, being “mature.” And never do anything you are ashamed to tell your mom about (or blog about). :-)

    I think you’ll be fine.

  • http://polishedcleveland.com Skinny Black Girl

    @ Karrie B – Umm. Yeah that was pretty much what my early twenties looked like. And then I graduated from college and the over-obsessing overruled all the partying and drinking. Lol.

    @ Trecia – Exactly. Not that I want to turn away from all my adult responsibilities. I would just like to stop obsessing over every decision I make as if its the last decision I’ll ever make in my life.

    @ Keith – No problem. I really didn’t get a chance to respond to your prior comments, but I definitely appreciated the love.

    @ tomgurl – I’m learning to be more gentle with myself. It’s just sorta difficult when people are used to seeing me as a chronic overachiever to just say “Yeah, I’ll get there when I get there.” Lol.

    @ Dr Ty – Hey!! Always great to see you stop by with some of your wisdom. Learning myself has become my top priority, because I feel that once I do, the moves I make will be waaay more effective than they would be if I’m making them as someone other than me.

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