Skinny Bits: A Morning without Twitter

I woke up to Twitter and Instagram timelines full of #GoldenGrahams (you call him Drake) quotes, so it’s a good morning for a social media break. Astrologically, I’m in a prime space for silence and reflection (Venus is retrograding over my natal Venus and the Sun is hanging out in my 12th house). My irritation with social media discussions is an opportunity to heed the stars.

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Love Where You’re At

I ain’t no angel
But I ain’t so bad
The best part of learning
Is just loving where you’re at
Allen Stone, Love Where You’re At

Yesterday, while helping my dear friend and astrological ingénue, Ashleigh, manage her booth at the Cleveland Flea Market, I perused her astrology books and came across the following bit about Scorpio Moons (my moon placement):
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Words With Friends: The Most Overused Words on Social Media

Confession: I stan for my friends. They are the most refreshing, intelligent, hilarious women in the world. (I say “in the world” because they also happen to love me, which immediately elevates them over everyone else.) Our conversations are irreverent, awesome, and great breeding ground for blog posts. With that said, I introduce “Word With Friends,” where I share some of our more interesting exchanges. To protect the social media sanctity of the parties involved, they shall remain anonymous. Their comments will appear in italics as a reminder that they are often more clever than I.

This week, I gathered a tribunal (read: a GroupMe conversation) about the most abused words on Twitter. After some deliberation, we came up with a list of terms that Think Piece Culture has turned into nails on the chalkboard of our internet existence.

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