Rekindling the Magic of Words (the Post About Why I’m Not Tweeting)

I couldn’t remember the last time words awed me.

Getting caught in the rapture of phrasing used to be commonplace. Books and magazines I read as a teenager are full of pen marks and highlighted pages where lines and sentences knocked me over. I obsessed over punchy, dense rap lyrics, face scrunched in concentration as my favorite wordsmiths took me away. It was best when it happened in my writing and I’d stare down at the page in proud wonder, thinking “Where did that even come from?!” and thanking whatever god or subconscious talent had called forth such genius. Continue reading

The Isle of Misfit Posts

“Hmmm. I should write about that.”

What writer doesn’t have this thought at least twice a day? I have notebooks and Evernote entries full of “Eureka!” moments that sounded genius until I put my fingers on the keyboard and the ideas turned into steaming piles of garbage.

Because sharing is caring and all that jazz, I’m giving you a tour of my Isle of Misfit Posts; things that sounded better as concepts and titles than fully-formed ideas. Continue reading

Not for Sale

Since I’ve become deeply interested in astrology, I haven’t had use for personality tests. Between my birth and progressed charts, as well as reading I’ve done on goddess archetypes, I’m as classified and labeled as I’d like to be. At the request of my employer, however, I recently took the Birkman personality test, which is phasing out the Meyers-Briggs as employers’ favorite nifty tool for understanding their employees.

I read up on the test and expected to score as a Yellow. Yellows “like job responsibilities that include organizing and systematizing, and professions that are detail-oriented, predictable, and objective.” Given my proclivity for administrative and support roles, I figured Yellow was a slam dunk.

Continue reading