Why “Nice” is Not Enough

“Women don’t like nice men.”

This crock of shit is perpetuated by men and women alike. A man being “nice” is not a problem; thinking “nice” is enough, is.

There are a wealth of adjectives in the English language: clever, witty, insightful, creative, articulate, passionate, confident, ambitious, charismatic, generous, intellectually curious, cultured, handsome, and cute are examples of my personal favorites. When I recall the men I’ve dated, each had a combination of those attributes that I found attractive. Some treated me well. Some didn’t. They gained the privilege of my company, however, because I found them interesting and alluring. The ones who treated me well weren’t dismissed for doing so anymore than the ones who treated me poorly were kept around for doing such. When considering a man I’d like to date, if “nice” is the first and only adjective that comes to mind, he’s on the “No” list.

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Skinny Bits 4.30.15

I struggled with posting this week because I don’t like anything I’ve written since…hell, I don’t remember the last time I liked anything I posted here. However, you only strengthen a muscle by using it, so here I am: typing and hoping this second bottle of Woodchuck Hard Cider will ease my self-loathing long enough for me to get words on the page.

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