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Before We Were Brands

So, yeah, I’m down with this retro movement. Bring back personal blogs. Bring back RSS. Bring back the fun. Screw Big Internet. – Nick Carr, Big Internet | Rough Type

Before we knew the Internet could make us famous or make us money, we were people.

People who felt things. People who shared our experiences. People who let themselves dive into devastating life changes: we loved and lost; we changed jobs and cities; we gave up on and discovered religions; we let ourselves get deeply interested in things and then let the interest fade. We lived. And we weren’t afraid to talk about it.

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For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide

For my fellow survivors on World Suicide Prevention Day.

The first year after my suicide attempt, I felt unstoppable. It was a Phoenix Year from which I emerged deeply in love with life, with my goals, with a man who looked at me like the sun rose and set in my eyes, and with my resilience. I’d looked death in the eye and emerged victorious. I wasn’t a victim. I was a warrior, capable of surviving whatever storm life brought my way.

As the years went by, that power slowly became more difficult to access. The life I’d envisioned in my recovery, the future that kept me moving toward the light, crashed and burned. The relationship exploded. Making myself vulnerable to public critique via writing became exhausting. My adrenaline-fueled go-getter attitude dissolved and my natural tendencies toward introversion resurfaced. Things went dark and I was once again confronted with the same demons whose graves I’d happily danced over two years prior.

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