Skinny Bits – 7.25.14

First things first: Life is better.

The Sun and Jupiter (the planet associated with making one’s own luck) are hanging out in my rising sign, Leo (also, my First House, the house of self-expression). Having spent most of the summer navigating my murky depths, I’m welcoming this time to stand in the sun and uncover the opportunities beneath my current challenges. It’s a good time to let myself be, and I’ve already reaped some delicious benefits from letting it all hang out. Viva la Leo Season.

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Doing Stuff Matters

When you’re depressed or anxious (or some combination of both as I am), summoning the energy to do anything is challenging. This is especially the case if (like me) you have a lazy streak even when you’re well. While laying around deeply engaged in Netflix or Hulu marathons (currently addicted to NashvilleArrow, and Boss) is how I like to unwind after a hectic work week, I’ve witnessed recently how an innocent day of doing nothing can easily turn into a day of laying around hating myself.

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