I’m not built to love.

I know what lovable women look like: bolstered by “we” instead of suffocated by it. Willing to look beyond their lists of and types to grant chances to men who challenge their status quo. Lovable women who want to be worshipped and can show appreciation when placed on pedestals. Women for whom affection and giving come naturally.
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“I Ain’t Got That To Do” / Four Things I Can’t be Bothered With Anymore

A fun part of growing and learning yourself is deciding what you can’t be bothered with anymore. With “purge” being the theme of the last year of my life, I am developing a list of things that make me frown up and say “I ain’t got that to do” [word to Columbus, Ohio]. I admit a lot of this revolves around my self-image, so not wanting to “seem” one way or another will repeat itself on my list. That said, here are four things I can no longer concern myself with:
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L’Art de Vivre

Over the summer, the word quaintrelle made its way down my Twitter feed and I was drawn to it. I remember saying to myself “If I believed in goals, becoming a quaintrelle would be an admirable one.” Unfortunately, I was navigating deep inner turmoil at the time and pursuing passion and pleasure couldn’t top my priority list. I had bills, after all, and an apartment I was struggling to afford (and clean regularly), and a job that was killing me slowly, leaving me with no energy for joyous pursuits in my off time. 
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